Query – From Border to Border

Starting an expedition requires planning, faith, and ignorance.  When I set off on a trans-continental expedition in a vintage Land Rover I was strong on the second two.

For Land Rover’s 50th anniversary in 1998 I joined a group of fifty people from all over North America to travel off-road from Canada to Mexico.  Acting as my co-drivers were my brother, father, and girlfriend, in order of declining mechanical ability and increasing attractiveness.  Our caravan was populated by mismatched lovers, computer geeks, crusty mountain men, and white-haired academics, yet all shared a passion for rugged trucks and some of the country’s most spectacular landscapes.

From the wind-blasted bleakery of central Canada to the rocky playground of Moab, brake failure on a New Mexico hill to a harrowing drive up a flooding river, my journey hit incredible highs and lows before my luck finally ran out on the return home.

From Border to Border:  Crossing the Continent by Land Rover is a non-fiction travel account of 72,000 words.


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4 comments on “Query – From Border to Border
  1. Charlie Herrin says:

    d90, fj40 owner….this was a great start, great subject and superb writing. thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done! Could have read an entire book just on the (all too familiar) reaction to the LR’s ..ahem.. charms. Was laughing out loud through much of the first part as you came to know your LR.

    Best, Charlie

    • Glad you liked it! You’ve got to be a bit mad to own a series Rover–but who says love is logical? If you’ve just read the intro head over to Amazon or Smashwords and get the whole book. You can see how much a truck, and driver, can take before total breakdown.

  2. Jeff says:

    Just finished your book today on a flight home. WOW, what a great experience you had and I loved your storytelling ability. You described people and events just like I would have.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll be reading your new book on my next flight!


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