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The Life of a Restauranteur

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted here.  If you’ve been following Fourpenny House online, on Facebook, or Instagram you will have seen the big push to get funding complete and begin construction while still doing all the baking, brewing,

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The Era of the Career is Over

Folks, we are in a new world, a new economy, that doesn’t have room for sentiment or loyalty.  Fifty years ago you could start a job at a company as a pimple-faced teen and shuffle out the door as a

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Everybody Needs Something To Do

Number Two smiling in wagon

Boredom liquefies the brain.  We are not only social animals but working ones.  Don’t let the stereotype of slack-jawed youth fill your head–today’s young ones are energetic and ready to do their part!  Already at one and a half, Number

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Bring Your Daughter to Work

Today is National Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.  I can’t figure out if there’s a corporation that benefits from this, in the crass way that the greeting card and boxed chocolate cartels have inflated Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and

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Family First

Last night, up to my elbows in soapy dinner dishes, I was listening to a radio program about couples using economics as a basis for therapy.  The show’s guests had written a book about how modern couples often come home,

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