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Owning an Electric Car

E-Golf front

Last fall I bought a car that runs on the thunderbolts of Zeus.  The fiery plasma at the core of a star is (roughly) the same thing that gets me to Starbucks and lets me stream Pandora while I wait

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Parental Love

Number Two playing cars at window

There are good days and bad days, and moments in a day like blades of sunlight cutting through stormclouds.  Life isn’t a train of events, each linked to the next by the relentless curling wave of time.  No, life is

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Ground Bound

Number Two with train table

When you’re half the height of an adult human you live in a completely different stratum.  Instead of teetering around on stilt legs you scuttle around near the ground like a millipede.  Falling down is no problem—you can practically bounce

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Relinquishing Manhood

No men sign

Ever since the car crash we’ve been driving around a rental car and trying to figure out what kind of car to buy.  Oh, I know, First World Problems, but we hadn’t been planning on buying a car and haven’t

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Going is Good, Stopping is Better

When it comes to car repair, you don’t usually get out cheap.  This weekend I spent a staggering amount of money getting the brakes fixed on my car and my wife’s car.  Mine needed new brake pads and, although I

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