I’ve always told stories.  Some were in love letters, some to get laughs, some to release energy, good or bad.  My lifetime written word counter must be running in the millions yet I keep going, looking for the next interesting story.  Over the years my blog has expanded to cover baking, home improvement, craftsmanship, parenting, writing.  Now I only have one rule about what goes on the blog:  it has to interest me.  No writing for anyone else, which seldom produces much of interest.  Here you’ll find links to books I’ve written, published or in progress, blog posts with regular updates, and an archive of the mountains of words I’ve written which grows under me and hopefully lifts me higher.

Who am I?  I started a career in international affairs, sidestepped to educational travel, was body-slammed by 9/11 and the slumping economy, and began a second career in architecture.  Now I’m a licensed architect but I’ve never given up writing.  I’d argue that writing makes me a better architect, as the crafting of phrases, paragraphs, chapters, and books is much like creating a building from nothing but lines on paper.

I’ll write what entertains me and hopefully it entertains you too.  Visit often and drop me a line.


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7 comments on “About
  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. amberskyef says:

    I LOVE the header of your blog. It’s so cool, colorful, and creative.

  3. matt says:

    Hello. Really enjoyed your land rover story. I am working on a 60 series 2 and hope to get her on the road soon
    In Pasadena CA come by check it out if you are ever in the area
    Best wishes,Matt

  4. Steve Platt says:

    I finished Border to Border this evening and loved it.

    I am currently planning a 3 week trip in my 2008 Defender from London to the top of Norway, Nordkapp, and am thinking about writing a book similar to yours about my trip. I desperately hope for more reliability, although to be fair to your Series, it did manage to do the trip without breaking down, just the return trip that was difficult by the sound of it.

    I had a 25 year old Defender too and suffered from both brake failure (metal fatigue from brake-pipe movement) and a locked wheel (wheel bearing went) so I can relate to the problems you had! My problems were solved by buying the much newer model 18 months ago.

    Anyway, thanks for the read, I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is something special about Land Rovers, for sure.


    • Hi Steve, That sounds like an epic trip to take–hopefully not in winter? I’m glad you liked the book, please recommend it to your friends. It wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting a trip or story without all the failures. At the time it made me want to crawl in a hole and die but now I’m glad it all happened the way it did. Be sure to turn off the main road and stop to talk to weirdos–this’ll be the spice of the trip and hopefully of your book as well. Happy trails!

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