Plan Your Costumes Now, Kiddos!

It’s probably already too late to get the supplies for your Halloween costume.  Someone else with superior planning skills and costume-planning moxie already snatched up the good stuff.  Just take a look at the wigs we found at Goodwill this weekend!

Number Two with Carol Channing wig


He looks kind of like a furious dwarf version of Carol Channing.  These wigs weren’t el-Cheapo costume wigs made with Super-Itch brand polyester fibers, no, these were some serious wigs that were probably full of lice and dead skin cells from the 60s.  Here’s another number that was probably, like, totally groovy when paired up with fuchsia lipstick and white go-go boots.

Number Two with Hawkman wig


Wait a minute, I’ve seen this hair before.  It was on a granite-jawed lummox from a bad 1980s TV show.  Here he is, The Hawk, in all his feathed “glory”:



Lucky for all you readers we didn’t buy any of these wigs, mostly because I was afraid of bringing home the ghost of whatever woman occupied the space underneath them.  Child Harbat was dead set on an Elsa wig from Frozen but it was toddler size and when she wore it she looked like a barrister.  Good thing we’ve got plenty of Halloween costume supplies at home including this classic Po the red Teletubby hood.  Don’t ask me about the face, he just does that every time we ask him to smile for the camera.  We’ll work on it so he’s got something a bit less grimace-like for his high school prom photo.

Number Two as Po


Soon we’ll see the wonderful costume CH has planned which is going to melt your heart…and your face, with its COMPLETE AWESOMENESS!

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3 comments on “Plan Your Costumes Now, Kiddos!
  1. Monkey's Uncle says:

    OMG, it’s not “The” Hawk, it’s just Hawk. “Bad”? “Lummox”? No more ravioli and carrot sticks for you!

  2. I was tempted to call him “The Hawk-Man” just to see if anyone would notice. Oh, shoot, I spilled Spaghetti-Os all over my striped long-sleeve velour shirt.

  3. Babs says:

    Hilarious! Can’t wait to see what the little guy comes up with for Halloween! Whatever it it, don’t forget the smile!!

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