Parental Love

There are good days and bad days, and moments in a day like blades of sunlight cutting through stormclouds.  Life isn’t a train of events, each linked to the next by the relentless curling wave of time.  No, life is a pastiche of moments that touch your soul and in between there are times you yell or ignore or act mean.  But you pick yourself up from each moment and try again, give an extra kiss or say something nice not because you should but because it’s a joy to pass on happiness to someone else.

Parenting is loving through all the moments, good and bad.  Sometimes you just have to watch from a distance, listen to the little sounds of a small person engrossed in play and think, “In this moment I’m perfectly happy.”  Here is Number Two, my son whose love of cars is an unquenchable thirst, he who wakes and thinks of cars going over bumps, he who takes walks to a busy intersection so he can sit on the curb and watch traffic like an old man in a rocker, he who make the perfect rumbling engine sound with his lips pursed out and his gap-teeth sounding out the letter V.  His racetrack today is a windowsill in our room.  A moment of joy for both of us, each caught up in what we love.

Number Two playing cars at window

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2 comments on “Parental Love
  1. Babs says:

    What a great father!!! You said it just right!

  2. Samantha says:

    amazing picture!

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