Dinnertime Craziness

It all collides at dinner:  low blood-sugar, stimulus overload from a day of school, punchy tiredness, and the impossibility of getting four people at the table at the same time.  Forget the genial family dinner set under the olive trees in the golden early evening, laughter and the sounds of silverware on plates, the gurgle of wine flowing freely from a carafe while the men stomp the dust from their shoes and the womenfolk untie their lace aprons and smile as they pass platters heaped with fresh salads, slabs of meat, and round wheels of cheese.  No, our dinner is more like trying to corral wild board in a wall-less prison, hurling food near them in hopes they eat and don’t break apart the place.  Here’s a short video of what dinnertime is really like.   For reference, this is AFTER the meal when the beasts should be satiated.

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One comment on “Dinnertime Craziness
  1. Po says:

    I hadn’t seen this yet. His laughter is hilarious. It’s the same crazy one I get when I’m tired and punchy. LOL.

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