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Now We’re Cooking with Jaggery!

Kolhapuri jaggery

“Can I help you sir?” asked the young man at the Indian/Himalayan market.  Big smile, hands wrung together, plastic sandals.  Already I was thinking the answer was probably ‘no’. “Do you have any jaggery?” I asked. Now his smile was

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Dinnertime Craziness

CH and Number Two dinnertime craziness

It all collides at dinner:  low blood-sugar, stimulus overload from a day of school, punchy tiredness, and the impossibility of getting four people at the table at the same time.  Forget the genial family dinner set under the olive trees

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Child Labor

Small fingers weaving

There’s a reason kids are used for tasks like this.  Just look at those nimble little fingers!   I was having trouble helping Child Harbat weave using a crochet hook and she found it easier to just use her fingers.

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