The Best Part of the Hardware Store

This weekend, as a joke while running errands, I told the kids that, as an extra-special treat, I would buy them each their own bottle of water.  When we got to the store I made true on my promise and boy did it deliver on happiness!  Never underestimate the excitement of giving each child their own bottle of water.  CH rode in the shopping cart and delicately sipped her water, frequently taking the top on and off and finding places to stow it.  Alas, this cart did not have dual cupholders.  Number Two guzzled his water by sticking his tongue in it like a short-snouted hummingbird and letting it spill on his shirt.

As an added bonus on the day I let the kids “ride” on the riding mowers out front.  I am a generous dispenser of fun and frivolity!

Kids on riding mowers

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