Slice of the Holidays

If you’ve ever made bread you can certainly manage this holiday bread recipe.  If you haven’t made bread before, this bread comes with a long family tradition of baking failures, from doughy, uncooked interiors and burned crusts to unanticipated rising times to deformation more suited to a nuclear zone.  Half of the fun is screwing this bread up and the other half is watching people eat the bread and exclaim, “Wow, this is AMAZING!”, not knowing that they are eating something that earlier in the day you thought was such a terrifying failure that you wouldn’t even inflict it on pigeons in the park.  So dive into the recipe and if you don’t have a scale, look online for some weight-to-volume conversions.  I won’t stoop to providing a link since without a scale a baker is like a chef without a knife but FINE, a cup of flour is around 165 grams.  Now get in there and start baking.  Your holiday won’t be complete as a baker until you are on your knees weeping in front of the oven and wishing you’d never read this blog post.  Happy holidays!

Christmas bread pretty

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