How to Have a Tea Party

Let’s get this straight:  a tea party is serious business.  Guests have to be prepared and arranged at the table in order of genus, species, size, and importance.  And an ability to sit up on their own without tipping over (I’m looking at you Pumpkin Kitty!).  Really about 90% of the tea party is the preparation, from getting the right plates and cups to matching napkins and tablecloth, to enough seating for everyone.  God forbid that Cherry Blossom Panda doesn’t have a seat at the table and her own plate and cup because this is, after all, THE social event of the day.  Now comes the big debate:  real water or fake tea?  One offers a satisfying splash and gurgle when transferred from the teapot to the cups, the other is boring and super uncool, so I guess it’s clear what option we’re picking.  How are the preparations coming along?  Don’t ask her, she’s too busy.  And Panda looks like she’s nodding off, probably slipping into a glycemic coma since she’s beein waiting for the tea party to start just like the rest of us.


CH tea party setup


Be sure that the vegetarian animals are getting vegetables and the small terrified cat in the oversized pink hoodie is getting a mushroom.  Since it’s close to lunchtime we’ll have our own sandwiches on the plates.  And when we are done eating we will sprinkle crumbs on all the plates so it looks like everyone is done eating.  And we’ll have to wash all the dishes now.  Final question:  is it fun to have a tea party at the coffee table?  I said ARE WE HAVING FUN??!!

CH tea party mega smile

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