Like Sister, Like Brother

Last night Child Harbat decided to do a section cut drawing of a vet’s office, with a view into each room where a different animal was being treated.  I loved that she had a specific architectural view in mind.  Not a plan view, or an isometric, or an elevation, but a section.  As soon as she lay down on the floor to get to work, Number Two ran into the sunroom, jabbed his pudgy finger at the easel, and whined.  He wanted me to tear off a piece of paper for him.  Once I did he pointed at the crayon box and vibrated his head and made more whining noises.  So I got him a crayon.  As soon as he had it in his hand he ran back through the kitchen and lay down right next to his older sister to do a drawing of his own.  What is it about older siblings that makes them the ‘nes plus ultra’ of coolness?  They are smarter and can do everything better and the most you can hope for is a few crumbs to fall from their table to the floor, where you wallow with the other inferior creatures of the earth.

Kids drawing on floor

Question two:  why does the hour before bed seem like the perfect time to start an art or craft project?  Once Number Two was face-down in bed with his blankie it was time for CH to put a little more detail into her drawing.  I’d love to scan this in once it’s done so you all can see the fine detail, people working at their computers, animals on exam tables, signs, labels.  And when you’re doing a section drawing of a building, the best place to work is right in front of the fireplace.  That’s where I’d rather do all my work.

CH drawing in front of fireplace

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2 comments on “Like Sister, Like Brother
  1. Nabs says:

    What could be cozier?? A budding architect or two?

  2. Samantha says:

    Can’t wait to see the drawing!

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