Number Two and firetruck 1

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod!  It’s huge!  Much bigger than I thought.  Bigger than the one at preschool.  I think it’s bigger than a table, even.

Number Two and firetruck 2

Can I open this panel?  I really really really want to open it.  With that handle it’s like they want it to be opened.  By me.  If I touch the hubcaps can I make the truck roll forward?  I want to make the firetruck roll forward.  I want to make it roll down the street and over that car and over the curb and maybe into our house.  Maybe it can be my firetruck.  Think about that.

Number Two and firetruck 3

I’m not sure about being put up here but I think I’m sitting INSIDE the firetruck.  And it’s kind of high up and I want to get down but, okay, now that I’m down can I get back in again?  Can I sit here and my sister can sit there?  Maybe there’s a hat or something I can wear?  There are a lot of buckles and straps in here.  If I sit quietly maybe they’ll just buckle me in and we can go for a drive and I can drive the firetruck and it can be mine.  In my house.

Number Two and firetruck 4

Okay, she’s good at posing for pictures but I’m more interested in that piece of equipment over there.  I’m not sure but…okay, I AM sure.  It has a button on it.  A big red button that probably makes noise.  If I act nice and don’t fuss can I press that button.  I reaaaaaaaally want to press that button.  It’s like they made it just so it could be pressed.  Does it shoot water out of a cannon?  Does it spray foam everywhere?  I bet it sprays foam.  I want to press that button now.  If I stretch my arm out I can press it.

Number Two and firetruck 5

Now we are getting serious.  Now I can actually see the steering wheel.  There’s no way they would put me up here without letting me do the wheels and the pedals.  And don’t tell me that everyone wants to do the siren because I’m sure I’m the only one.  I want to do the siren.  I don’t care if the neighbors and dogs and cats won’t like it.  I want to do the siren.  Is there a button for the lights?  What?  My turn is already over?  I didn’t drive yet!  Excuse me, Mr. Moustache, can I please sit up here again?  And when you go home can you leave this firetruck here for me?  I’ll take care of it.  I won’t crash it into something.  Okay, I’ll crash it into something but I’ll have the siren and lights going so it’ll kind of be their fault for not moving.  This firetruck can be mine, right?  Right?

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2 comments on “FIRETRUCK!!
  1. Catherine Brooks says:

    Geez! I hadn’t seen a pic of that dude for ages. I almost thought it was Amalia from the back. You are such a hoot, daddy. I can put one liners on the IPhone pix I get from Joy, but nothin’ like this. Save ’em for sure!
    Love to all,
    Great (ugh!) Aunt Cath

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