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Thursday Grab Bag

What I love about Thursday Grab Bag is no rules!  Nothing is too random or inconsequential!  Let’s get started. [Tuesday night, dinnertime.  Scene opens on the kitchen table where Number Two is sitting in high chair and emitting loud shrieks,

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Imperial Minivan

Picture by my wife

My journey towards the dark side is complete.  I now own a minivan in glossy piano black that looks like a shard of Darth Vader’s helmet.  I have no qualms about driving this vehicle since it looks cool, drives like

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More Minivan Woes

Imperial shuttle

There’s something about buying a used minivan that makes your shoulders slump down.  Maybe it’s because minivans are never “lightly used”.  It’s like buying a donkey and expecting it to be sprightly and have a straight back.  These things are

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Foraging and Bad Haircuts

Number two foraging 2

My boy learns quickly.  On his regular wagon rides around the yard and garden, in which he thrusts his arm forward like a Roman charioteer, we often stop to pick fresh strawberries.  Now when I put him down to roam

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Relinquishing Manhood

No men sign

Ever since the car crash we’ve been driving around a rental car and trying to figure out what kind of car to buy.  Oh, I know, First World Problems, but we hadn’t been planning on buying a car and haven’t

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Calming Down for Bedtime

I think it’s important for children to ease into a nighttime routine with gentle calm and lulling quietude.  A warm bath, books read in a soft voice, and then tender kisses before being tucked in under a cozy blanket, that’s

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Be a Prince/Princess of Baking

Yogurt tarts

“Oh, I can’t bake, it’s too complicated.  I can hardly make toast.”  NO!  No excuses!  If my five-year old daughter can make these little yogurt cups, you can too.  And everyone will be impressed and you can proclaim yourself prince

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A Day for Mothers

CH curtsies on Mother's Day

After the events of last week, the basic principles of life and family have been on my mind a lot.  I’ve written a lot about parenting over the last six hundred and sixty blog posts, but one of the things

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Miracle of Life

Second crash scene

I can’t believe I have to write this again but my daughter has survived another emergency this week.  Just two days after her car accident and ride to the hospital, Child Harbat was again in an ambulance after a horrific

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The Value of EMTs

CH on backboard

Remember the car crash from Tuesday?  I still do.  What does Child Harbat remember from it?  She had fun riding in the ambulance.  And she got a free teddy bear.  With all that fire and rescue personnel have to do

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