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Colors of All Kinds

I’m really excited about all this DOMA and gay marriage media coverage because it gets Americans talking about something other than the Kardashians.  I want to focus on one angle of the gay marriage debate:  saying that a Supreme Court

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Create Something From Anything

The best way to test for creativity is to give people props and free time.  There are those people who need tasks, ordered jobs that utilize parts and have a start and endpoint.  Then there are those who, when they

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Nightmares and a Scary Bunny

If you have kids you have to resign yourself to interrupted sleep.  Last night, The Boy was teething and had thrown up earlier in the evening and was in a grumpy mood.  Child Harbat was in a very good mood

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The Great Writing Vacuum

I tied up the ends up my latest novel yesterday.  Each chapter was reordered, checked against the overall arc and outline, and sections rewritten and cut with ruthless vigor.  Then came the Xtra-Fun™ process of pagination and chapter labeling.  You

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Holy Jeezum Crow and a whole bunch of other sanitized versions of non-curse sayings!  It’s the first day of Spring!  This means today is cool and overcast because San Diego just likes to be different.  Not Portland or Austin different,

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Going is Good, Stopping is Better

When it comes to car repair, you don’t usually get out cheap.  This weekend I spent a staggering amount of money getting the brakes fixed on my car and my wife’s car.  Mine needed new brake pads and, although I

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Shameless Pitch for Irish Soda Bread

Okay, here it comes, the great self-referential post for the week.  Every year I make Irish soda bread for St. Patrick’s Day.  Is it because it’s the one day when you’re so drunk you won’t notice if the bread doesn’t

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Earliest Memories

What can you dredge up through the neural soup of your mind and qualify as your earliest memory?  Mine comes from a time when I was three or four, and it’s of our housekeeper extinguishing a lit match in her

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Kale Monster

It has happened again.  With the best intentions, my wife has planted some kale in our garden.  Sure, it’ll provide some leafy green now and again.  You might think of the neat bundle of kale you find in the produce

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It’s a Question of Scale

Almost two years after visiting the Quail Botanical Gardens with little Child Harbat, we went back with bigger Child Harbat and The Boy, AKA Number Two.  The gardens are just as delightful and the now with one child slightly larger

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