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Chai Update

I’m about halfway there.  I put together a new spice mixture, packed it in a baby food jar for work, and brought in the blank teabags to make myself some chai.  I funneled in a teaspoon and a half of

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Making Your Own Chai

What is it about spices that keeps me intrigued?  It brings out the kid in me, opening up little jars with exotic powders, shaking in a bit here, a sprinkle there.  Playing with spices is getting to experiment with a

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The Importance of Washing Hands

It’s cold and flu season, a phrase that chills me as much as the ‘Back To School!’ banners happily strung up in stores in mid-July.  One of the many admonishments from health officials is to always wash our hands.  I’m

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Oh No, Not Again

You’d think I would’ve learned my lesson.  You’d be wrong.  This weekend on a beautiful sunny day I brought Number Two out into the yard for some afternoon frivolity and nature communion.  I smiled as I saw some birds wriggling

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Into the Maw

Just so we’re clear, for my New Yawk readers, “Into the Maw” means into the mouth, not into the “mawl”, the place where you go shopping at stow-uhs. So, what goes into the maw of a fifteen-month old?  Just about

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Winter of Discontent

I consider myself a healthy person.  Throughout much of my twenties and early thirties I almost never got sick.  Then Baby Harbat was born and began trawling the seas of preschool bacteria to bring home every sickness possible in rapid

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On Craftsmanship

I remember way back in the early days of this blog, when it was still on Vox.  Jjust over four years ago the very first word of my first blog entry was “craftsmanship”.   I’ve veered into baking, then home improvement,

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Going to Another World

San Diego is truly a place on the border and not just because of Mexico.  Go out into the ocean a few miles and you can drop into deep trenches that bring cold water, whales, and deep sea creatures.  This

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Setting Priorities

Here’s a bombshell:  playing princess Yahtzee is more important than spending extra time at work.  See Child Harbat below, with the game pieces ready. Why is this more important than work?  Or more importantly, why is this more important to

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Stroller Wheelie

What dad can honestly say he hasn’t done wheelies while pushing their kid’s stroller?  Number Two usually laughs the first through tenth time.  After that he sits calmly and waits for Babbo to just settle down and get back to

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