Bag Dog

See, this is what happens when you let Babbo help with dressing your stuffies.  This weekend Child Harbat and I spent some quality time dressing her stuffed animals.  Poodlicious was brought out with a kitty friend and a basket full of doll-sized clothes and accessories.

Her:  “You can dress them however you want, Babbo.”

Me:  “You’re sure?  I can do it whatever way I want?”  [I begin dressing the dog with pants on her head.]

Her:  “No, not like that!  I want her to look pretty!”

Then followed a conversation about how I was given freedom to dress the dog how I wanted and this was how I wanted.  I tried to work a quick morality lesson in there about letting other people do things their own way, even if it was dressing differently.  This was met with squint-eyed suspicion, behavior she picked up from her mother.  But I persisted, and to her credit CH came around, embracing the weirdness.  Once Poodlicious was fully outfitted, her style could be defined as Bag Lady Bourgeoisie.  The final part of dressing the stuffies was putting them in a tote to be carried around the house.  When I suggested Poodlicious go in head-first, CH responded calmly, “No, you can’t put a bag on her head.  She’ll die.”  Given this outfit, that might’ve been the most humane thing to do.  I give you…Bag Dog!

Bag Dog

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  1. Oh My!! A New York Runway special—or maybe 42nd St. Bag Dog! Hilarious! That girl saw through the logic. I just know it. The sunglasses and necklace/tiara just MAKE the outfit!

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