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Baking Together

Last night I was making our weekly bread and Child Harbat begged me to help.  She couldn’t wait to get her hands washed and the stepstool set up so she could work beside me, pouring the ingredients and mixing them

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Suspiciously Easy

As long-time readers will know, my title of Uncle F$#k-Up comes from a storied history of home improvement, maintenance, and kitchen catastrophes which start out with a simple problem and end with a larger problem.  Multiple trips to the store,

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Number Two on the Move

Seen here on his first birthday, Number Two is exploring mobility.  The speed of these things is phenomenal.  The day of his first birthday he switched from commando-style-live-fire-under-barbed-wire crawling to the more traditional on-all-fours.  The next day he pulled himself

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What Nightmares May Come

I am tired today, as I have been all weekend.  Our nighttime schedule has returned to what it was when Number Two was an infant, with multiple wake-ups during the night.  But now it’s both kids, ages one and five,

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Hey kiddies, here’s a very short lesson in tempered glass and thermodynamics.  When you are, say, putting a pizza in an extremely hot oven, please be sure your hands aren’t wet.  Because just maybe a single drop of cold water

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Halloween Aftermath

I am astonished at the self-control and noticeable absence of stomach-knotting consumption of candy this week.  Child Harbat managed to pick out two candies yesterday, one before dinner and one for dessert, and didn’t whine at all about wanting more. 

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The Mad Costumed Dash for Candy

I’ll start by saying I am not sick to my stomach from eating too much candy.  This may be a first for me, a sign that I’m finally growing up a bit.  Or it was my fear of running out

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