Heard Around the House

Question to Child Harbat:  “What’s your favorite thing to do with Grandma?

Answer:  “Catch turtles and fix tables.”

Not sure if she’s done either of those things with Grandma, but there you are, from the unedited mind of a child.  Sorry for the recent radio silence, I’ve been doing work and chores and have discovered that with two small children, you sometimes have to ignore the crumbs under the table and try to value the quality time before they’re sullen teens carving their initials into the sideboard and sending daggers form their eyes at the comment that they might not want to get “Bee-atch” tattooed on their forehead for another few days until they have time to think about it.  Not that I’m expecting this from our two wonderful children.  They will be too busy painting their nails black and slamming doors.  Kidding again!  Now for one more typical exchange in our household.

Said to Child Harbat as she draws a rainbow purse with crayons:  “I love you, Bun Bun.”

Response:  “I know.  Hee hee!”

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One comment on “Heard Around the House
  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I’m pretty good at catching turtles. I can work on fixing tables. Check with the other Granma. I bet she feels the same.

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