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Zombies? Yes Please

In my world there’s a flimsy gauze between sleep and morning time.  It’s translucent enough to remember your dreams with clarity and access that part of your mind that doesn’t bother with logic but rather grabs random pieces of data

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Just Stand Still!

Taking a picture of my daughter requires good lighting, continuous shutter mode, and patience.  Let me run you through a series of pictures I took last night when I asked Child Harbat to stand still so I could capture the

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Bye Bye Baby

Growing up is an incremental thing like the formation of a stalagmite—you can’t see it happening but over time the change is extraordinary.  But every once in a while the transition is sudden and the baby of yesterday is left

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Granola, Granola Good for the Heart

Please don’t expect me to finish that little rhyme—if you’ve had granola you understand the digestive side effects.  But let’s talk about the health benefits!  The burst of energy to get you through the day!  The whole grains!  If you

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Tree Houses, Giant Pencils, and a Stream

The Hamilton Children’s Garden at the Quail Botanical Gardens is a magical place for young and old.  In the spirit of those creepy 1980s ads for sugar cereal, the grown-up in me marveled at the design and engineering, the kid

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The Magic of Forests

Growing up in the Eastern United States I was lucky to live a life in the forest.  The chirring of fussy mockingbirds, the perky call of chickadees and the haunting call of mourning doves are implanted in my mind forever. 

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In Praise of Quickbread

There’s something elemental about baking your own bread.  To some people it’s like building your own proton accelerator—sounds complicated and a bit dangerous.  Not so!  Quickbread is the answer, and from the time you scratch your head and think, “I

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Apologies All

I know what it’s like to be a zombie.  You see them staggering around the streets with their ragged clothing, ragged skin, ragged breaths.  “I won’t become one, I’ll be careful.”  Then there’s an itching at your ankle.  “Nothing, nothing

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Family First

Last night, up to my elbows in soapy dinner dishes, I was listening to a radio program about couples using economics as a basis for therapy.  The show’s guests had written a book about how modern couples often come home,

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Grubby Monday

I’ve got a thing for grubs.  Not a star-struck, make-my-heart-aflutter type of thing.  More like a stomach aflutter thing.  Something about their sickening plumpness, translucent skin, pathetic blindness, and desire to live in places most other animals would avoid with

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