Let’s Dance

David Bowie said it best:  “Let’s dance!”  Toddler Harbat got an early Christmas present last night:  ballet slippers.  Having just seen The Nutcracker, she’s in full ballet mode.  When I say ballet I mean slam dancing.  I’ll grant that the music does want to whip one into a frenzy, but take a look at her exuberant dance with me last night:

The video quality is bad, the faces are illegible, and it’s got potential prom-date-embarrassment value—it’s the perfect home video.  Do ballet shoes help you jump higher?  Survey says yes.

Will the right footwear assist in getting the perfect ballet pose, right down to the index-finger triangle pointing heavenward?  Toddler Harbat is living proof, I tell you.

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4 comments on “Let’s Dance
  1. Po says:

    The Nutcracker music has been great for indoor exercise given that she can’t go outside because of the rain. Watching her enjoy classical music just warms my coração 🙂

  2. Chongolongmo says:

    Wait a second, have all these pictures been of HER? I thought they were you. Sweet tutu.

  3. akamonsoon says:

    She is so darn cute. A little ballerina in the making. I think the look on her face in the first picture says it all. If we could only bottle up that kind of joy.

  4. Oh every little girl’s dream! Does she watch Angelina Ballerina?

    We recently saw The Nutcracker – it made us all feel ike pulling on ballet slippers, but they we came to our sensibilities and thought it might be wise to stop drinking!

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