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Rain, Gone Away

There’s been some rain here in California—maybe you’ve heard.  Our “storm events” here in San Diego are usually either several days of continuous misty rain with the intensity of falling dust or a several-hour sky-purge of Biblical proportions. This storm

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Family at the Holidays

There really is no substitute for family.  Good or bad, many or few, family is family.  Toddler Harbat is overjoyed to have family in town.  Last week it was my sister and future brother-in-law, this week it’s her grandparents.  These

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Let’s Dance

David Bowie said it best:  “Let’s dance!”  Toddler Harbat got an early Christmas present last night:  ballet slippers.  Having just seen The Nutcracker, she’s in full ballet mode.  When I say ballet I mean slam dancing.  I’ll grant that the

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Ballet, Drums, and Rain

These are the three components of a successful weekend and I can prove it.  Begin with ballet.  Put together Christmas themes, candy and toys, live music, and dresses that are the nes plus ultra of chiffon frippery, and you have

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Seismic Activity

Last night I dreamt I was walking down the halls of my high school – so far so good.  This is a common one and usually involves some forgotten algebra class, an unreadable class schedule, difficulty finding home room, that

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What Don’t Pictures Say?

My wife downloaded her ten thousandth app for her iPhone recently, something that makes pictures look like they were taken with an Instamatic.  Here’s one shot of me wiping TH’s nose as she slobbers her way through a lemon lollipop.

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Should Christmas be Cancelled?

It was a tired joke twenty years ago, now it’s a tradition.  When the holiday season approaches, and that means any time after September, I begin the Christmas cancellation notices.  The origins of the notices are clouded in ancient history

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Handmade Gifts

I love the idea of homemade gifts but really I don’t know how to make many things well.  I tried to make a bookcase for my wife and with the uneven routed edges and sloppy sealant it basically looks like

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Time Warp

I remember the buzzy excitement of a school concert.  It’s nighttime yet you’re not at home, you’re back at school.  The dark empty halls have the elicit feel of a store after hours.  You leave your parents and prepare in

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Just Another Clown

We try hard in our household to eat well.  Which is why I’m proud to say that when Toddler Harbat saw this red-haired guy at a holiday parade this weekend she said, “Look at that clown!”  Yes!  [pumps fist] We’ve

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