Urgent Hair Update!

Toddler Harbat’s hair over the last three years has been a definite conversation starter among strangers.  Recently it’s undergone an amazing growth spurt, but just out the top.  Teens these days with a surplus of haute contempt, black fingernail polish, and hair gel work for hours to get the manga hairdo that Toddler Harbat naturally has after a nap.

I’m still baffled why it’s getting thicker and more lustrous on the top but is still wispy and barely long enough to reach the nape of her skull in back.  With this recent growth trend, she’ll soon resemble one of Dr. Seuss’s Truffala trees.  We’ve been feeding her fish and iron-rich vegetables to promote hair growth but so far she just looks like a troll doll with their anti-gravity flame-shaped ‘dos.  More on this breaking development soon!

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2 comments on “Urgent Hair Update!
  1. akamonsoon says:

    Too cute! I bet her hair growing thicker on top has something to do with the way she sleeps. Babies and young children tend to have less hair on the sides and back on their head because of the rubbing of the pillow, etc… That is what I have been told anyway. 🙂

  2. Babs says:

    I love that highlighting too. People pay a lot of money for that look–well, maybe not a LOT of money:-). Still adorable though!

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