What can I say about Comic-Con?  It’s huge, busy, and there is a little of everything.  Lots of people dress up in steampunk, manga, fantasy, sci-fi, and period costumes.  Lots of people have unnaturally-colored hair, chains woven in their clothing, tattoos, piercings, and other accoutrements and you realize they aren’t in costume, they normally look like this.  There were families, young kids, just about everyone was represented and had something to see.  For Toddler Harbat’s part, she went as a vampire.

Riding the trolley was part of the fun, seeing the giant My Little Pony was another of many, many highlights.

Will I go again to Comic-Con?  I’m not sure.  I loved seeing all the displays, artists, and over-the-top company booths.  I certainly enjoyed the panel I attended on angst in young adult literature, and would look forward to more of those if I went again.  Mostly I learned I’m not good at being a fan.  I don’t gush over celebrities or go ga-ga for my favorite artists.

That said, I met Jon J. Muth, who I wrote about recently.  He is genuinely nice and incredibly talented, and he signed a copy of Stone Soup and wrote a note to TH.  If you want to see more of his work, check his page here at Allen Spiegel Fine Arts.

Oh, and I saw the dude who played Geordi LaForge.  Hooray Comic-Con!

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2 comments on “Kahmmakan
  1. Puberty is unkind to us all. I was wondering when the Wood eyebrows would emerge!

  2. psoutowood says:

    They don’t emerge so much as send forth thick vines from your skull, and need to be cut back like out-of-control kudzu.

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