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I Have Lost the Battle of Wills

At some point in my hazy future I imagine going running with my daughter, creaking knees and tendony legs revealing to me the simple truth that I’ve been eclipsed by my progeny.  Never did I imagine that at the tender

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What can I say about Comic-Con?  It’s huge, busy, and there is a little of everything.  Lots of people dress up in steampunk, manga, fantasy, sci-fi, and period costumes.  Lots of people have unnaturally-colored hair, chains woven in their clothing,

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Washed Up

Recently it was 100 degrees here.  In Southern California that means one of several things:  A)those aren’t fireworks in the night sky, it’s a wildfire; B)an earthquake has cracked open the ground under your feet and you’re plummeting towards the

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New Bread! New Bread!

I’ve been hemming, hawing, and chawing about whether to reveal my secret San Diego sourdough recipe for the Handmade audience.  Then I remembered the “audience” is made up of a few people who stumbled onto the site looking for something

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On Zombies and Forgotten Places

Four AM, I’m wandering through a labyrinthine sub-basement office complex, leading a small group of the last remaining humans.  Periodically I come across zombies who look vaguely human but have the blank stare of…something unwell.  I learn quickly that zombies

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Our garden is now overflowing with vegetables, and neighbors are giving us ripe tomatoes before they drown in them, we have more than we can eat.  Solution:  canning!  My early thoughts on canning were rosy-hued and nostalgic, based on this

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Pitter Patter Goes My Heart

It’s a stale line, one invoked by in-laws and aunties:  “When will we be hearing the pitter patter of little feet?”  as if this is going to convince someone to have children.  Funny thing is, I doubt these people have

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It’s freaky Friday and that means there’s a pery punny post in the bread section.  The No-Knead Undead Ciabatta is up here to delight, horrify, titillate, and whatever else makes your tires squeal.  If you’ve never baked bread before, try

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La Terza Ciabatta

I feel I’ve come a long way since my very first ciabatta.  I’m not afraid of dough so runny that it must be corralled like oozing honey.  I’ve over-baked, under-baked, and dropped it.  Once I made 13 loaves of ciabatta

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There’s Something About…Decorating Cookies

I’ve said before that there’s nothing like fresh-baked cookies.  I would like to amend it to include icing fresh-baked cookies.  Break out the red sparkle corn syrup product! If I thought it was hard to prevent Toddler Harbat from eating

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