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Sourdough and Whole Wheat: Strange Bedfellows?

Last night I put together a batch of 40% whole wheat sourdough rolls and one batard.  Because I’m a nincompoop I forget to get parchment paper so I had to lay down a carpet of flour to proof the bread. 

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My test is over.  Last Friday was arguably the most difficult of the seven professional licensing exams I’ve had to take.  I won’t find out if I passed for 6-8 weeks, but for now I am out of study/stress mode

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That One!

This is how it goes getting Toddler Harbat dressed in the morning: “Do you want to wear this dress?” “I wanna party dress.  The red one.” “How about this green corduroy one?” “No, that one.” “This one?” [holding up red

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For years I’ve been driving past a grocery store near our house.  It underwent a major renovation recently but we still hadn’t been inside.  One day, my wife and I said.  We went this weekend, expecting it would have some

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Wait…I’m Confused

I want a rideable mechanical elephant.  Because I dreamt I had one last night, a realistic skin covering an aluminum frame, and a pair of hand levers to drive the legs forward.  “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?*” I

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My Daughter’s Social Calendar

This was a busy three days for Little Miss Social.  I mean me, of course.  But Toddler Harbat was also quite the social butterfly, hitting two parties this weekend, the farmer’s market, competing in her school’s Olympics, going to a

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Crackly Crust

It’s out there, elusive, teasing me with crispy crackling sound, flaking crust, nutty and wheaty nose and a rich creamy crumb.  The ideal rustic bread is something I’ve been crowing about for a long time on this blog.  I realized

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Perfect Happiness

Yesterday my wife met me at work and brought Toddler Harbat.  We went out for lunch at a pizza place up the street that makes crackly-crust Sicilian pizza.  It was sunny outside and sitting there with my family, I felt

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The Promised Land

I made it!  After a long journey, missteps, desperation, and exploration, I made it.  Here is a loaf of sourdough bread that is evenly baked with fully-formed ears. Picture 1180 I’m almost embarrassed how simple it was.  I emptied the

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Uh Oh

I came across this diagram in a book at work.  Shear punch I’m guessing they put that guy in there to show the seriousness of a flat-slab structural failure in a seismic event.  I somehow resisted drawing a word bubble

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