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Of Course

I’m sick.  Of course this happens right before holiday vacation.  Last night I got a full night of sleep but I was quite busy with dreams.  This time I was running through an abandoned Italianate mansion, recently abandoned by its

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Krissmass Kraziness

Baby Harbat is now officially old enough to get really excited about Christmas, presents, parties, cookies, and staying up late.  This all culminated last night after a full day of all the aforementioned things.  She woke up at 1:30 WIDE

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It’s Not Even Funny Any More

My four and a half hour test yesterday was a real brain drain and left me worn thin the rest of the day.  Which is why I wasn’t so happy to come home and find, A)our old dishwasher sitting in

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Brief Update

I’ve got another professional exam tomorrow.  This one involves, conservatively, ten thousand pages of details and codes, plus graphical vignettes to be solved.  Mostly the studying has been fun, but it’s left precious little time for fun things, including blogging. 

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Good Morning!

I was up at 2 this morning, then again at 3.  Not because I was so excited for Tuesday to start that I couldn’t sleep.  Apparently, though, Baby Harbat was.  She was cry-whining and when I went in to her

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It is Green

Our lawn, that is.  From the recent rains, all dormant seeds in our lawn have sprouted up.  This has taken two days, an astonishing genesis of life from the dusty dirt of the lawn.  I am pleased to see things

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It is the holiday season, which means you will be surrounded by food all day and night.  In our office there’s a constant flow of sugary nom-noms to the kitchen table, given by clients and consultants.  Because I run twice

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School Picture Time

When I was in elementary school, the class picture day was excitement.  First, we were deviating from the normal schedule, which is always good.  Black plastic combs were handed out, with the ridiculous assumption that kids would comb their own

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Winter Has Arrived

It is cold* here, finally.  Since I’m an East Coast transplant, I expect biting winds and miserable conditions from October through March.  Didn’t say I liked them, I just expect them.  But when I’m in a t-shirt and shorts in

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Love + Frustration = Parenting a Toddler

I had a great weekend, thanks for asking.  Despite the snafus on Friday, Saturday was my wife’s final birthday present, a full day to go out with friends, shop, and basically do what she wanted without a husband or child

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