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Tempus Fugit

Kids and Oscar in wagon

Do you know why it’s a shock to parents to see how quickly kids grow up?  Because the difference four and eight is much bigger than the difference between 84 and 88.  Brains and bodies grow fast at first, like

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The Sun Sets on the Year

Christmas light sunset

By this time, unless you’re a horrible Grinch or slacker, you have some lights up, some decorations spattered on the door, and pine needles ground into your carpet.  Maybe the cloying smell of paperwhites is filling a closet, or mulling

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How to Go for a Hike With Children

CH & N2 wagon 1

Hey all you logical people who put the day before the month:  it’s still 11/11/13!  Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about taking two small children to the park for a “hike”.  Is it possible?  Define “hike”.  If

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Everybody Needs Something To Do

Number Two smiling in wagon

Boredom liquefies the brain.  We are not only social animals but working ones.  Don’t let the stereotype of slack-jawed youth fill your head–today’s young ones are energetic and ready to do their part!  Already at one and a half, Number

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