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Number Two is Two

Number Two is two

My son is two years old or, in the jaw-clenching vernacular of uber-parents, he’s twenty-four months old.  Before having kids I vowed only to count a child’s age in months until they were old enough to count it in years. 

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Let’s Talk Compromise

BH crying

I’ve learned many things in becoming a parent and one of the biggest is that I’m stubborn and argumentative.  How do you argue with a one-year old?  How do you argue with a five-year old?  Is it worth it?  Answers: 

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Ground Bound

Number Two with train table

When you’re half the height of an adult human you live in a completely different stratum.  Instead of teetering around on stilt legs you scuttle around near the ground like a millipede.  Falling down is no problem—you can practically bounce

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Sometimes They Surprise You

CH reading to N2

The weekend was a tiring march from one required task to the next:  dishes, laundry, clean house for party to which I’m not invited and must hide with the children in the kitchen and bedrooms, smear food off the floor

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Learning How to Complain

Number Two protest

Number Two has been working on his complaining skills.  You’d think this is instinctual but toddlers are able to move up to the major leagues when it comes to protest.  At over 1 ½ now, Number Two is finally realizing

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Life of a Boy

These are the things my son does that I love:   When I pick him up from preschool he sees me from across the room, lets out a happy yip, and crawls to me at top speed, arms and legs

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Big Boy Shoes

Shoes 1

There’s something about wearing new shoes that makes you feel smarter, stand taller, salute the world with a confident smile.  Also if you’re learning to walk, hard-soled shoes give you a rigid platform to begin tottering around like the Star

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Thursday Grab Bag

Number two eating mess

Just like Taco Tuesday or Pizza Friday, this blog needs a themed day.  And since I’m UncleF#*k-Up I get to declare a day and then promptly ignore or forget about it.  Today’s grab bag starts with things going wrong in

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Architecture for Children

I haven’t talked about my work here before because…well, I’m not sure why except it as nice to have that clean break.  Life is not full of clean breaks, however, and things that are important in my work life are

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The Terrible Twos are Terminated

Even at the lightning speed of a child’s growth you sometimes miss the transitions from one stage to another.  It’s not as if they are mute one day then say, “More milk please,” the next and you stare gape-mouth at

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