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Owning an Electric Car

E-Golf front

Last fall I bought a car that runs on the thunderbolts of Zeus.  The fiery plasma at the core of a star is (roughly) the same thing that gets me to Starbucks and lets me stream Pandora while I wait

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Do a Barrel Roll!


I’ve been chastised by my brother for featuring “girly” beers on my blog recently.  Well, excuse me for wanting to drink my beer from a miniature porcelain teacup featuring images of dancing Pomeranians wearing hats and booties!  Excuse me for

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Almanac Beer: Honey Saison

Saison 1

This is a great time to be drinking beer.  I don’t mean right now, in the morning, I mean this year.  The United States is in the midst of a beer boom, with more micro-breweries popping up every day.  And

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Hangar 24 Gourdgeous – A Review

Pumpkin ale 3

They’re everywhere now, clogging the endcaps at your grocery store, pushing regular beers out of the way with gaudy orange and black signage:  pumpkin beers.  Most are regular beers with some fake pumpkin flavoring added.  And let’s really dig into

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A Classy Wine Review

TJ wine

Here at Handmade I try to stay upper crust, pinky-lifted, East Hampton marble-mouthed.  In that spirit I present the first (and possibly last) wine review.  Being poured today is a lovely Trader Joe’s Central Coast Sauvignon Blanc.  Upon the first

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