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Perky Oscar

Our house is a zoo now.  Saturday before last I caught a rat in our laundry room.  The rat battle has been hard fought, as they foil my traps and scamper around in the attic, prancing and showing off.  It

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Scotland – Child Harbat and Her Animals

Scotland - CH and white ponies

This girl loves her animals.  All throughout Scotland she found creatures, wild and domesticated, that she wanted to befriend.  No fear of slugs or caterpillars has she, but an unreasonable one of bees and a reasonable one of horses and

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Children and Death

How do you explain death to a child when you understand so little about it yourself? Last night I found myself struggling to come up with an easy way to broach the subject with my daughter, a three-and-a-half year old

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The Straight Dope

When my wife and I were planning on having a kid, we read mountains of books.  Each one had advice on picking a stroller, managing temper tantrums, and lactation issues.  But what I really wanted was the straight dope on

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