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Perky Oscar

Our house is a zoo now.  Saturday before last I caught a rat in our laundry room.  The rat battle has been hard fought, as they foil my traps and scamper around in the attic, prancing and showing off.  It

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Parental Love

Number Two playing cars at window

There are good days and bad days, and moments in a day like blades of sunlight cutting through stormclouds.  Life isn’t a train of events, each linked to the next by the relentless curling wave of time.  No, life is

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Turtle Baby

N2 and Turtle Baby

There is no accounting for love.  It strikes unexpectedly and doesn’t follow rules or conventions.  During an IKEA outing several weeks ago, Number Two was getting fussy, what with the endless turns into rooms full of lamps, reasonably-priced kitchenware, and

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Create Something From Anything

The best way to test for creativity is to give people props and free time.  There are those people who need tasks, ordered jobs that utilize parts and have a start and endpoint.  Then there are those who, when they

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One More Life

In a few days my wife and I will bring another life into this world as we welcome the birth of our second child.  I’ve had four years to learn how to become a father, an apprenticeship really, not nearly

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Random Bags and Coming Home

Two quick thoughts on parenting. One:  be prepared for random items in unexpected places.  Last night I found on the couch a mesh bag filled with two miniature pumpkins, a glittery smiley face sticker, and several small ficus berries.  Knowing

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Washed Up

Recently it was 100 degrees here.  In Southern California that means one of several things:  A)those aren’t fireworks in the night sky, it’s a wildfire; B)an earthquake has cracked open the ground under your feet and you’re plummeting towards the

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