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Tempus Fugit

Kids and Oscar in wagon

Do you know why it’s a shock to parents to see how quickly kids grow up?  Because the difference four and eight is much bigger than the difference between 84 and 88.  Brains and bodies grow fast at first, like

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The Smell of Paper

CH and N2 reading at library

Library books smell different than the sterile drawing and printing paper we’re used to holding.  Library paper is yellowed, soft like thin leather, the corners folded and creased, the letters becoming translucent from the absorption of eyes, the transmutation of

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It’s All What You’re Used To

Kids walking in puddles

Something about the structure and grammar of today’s post title bothers me.  How about, “It is All About That To Which You are Used?”  No.  “All to Which You are Used is It?”  That’s even worse and I can’t figure

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Kids hiking in oak grove

The longest distance between two points is the path taken by children.  This is how boring I am as a parent:  I don’t want to fall in the mud.  I don’t want to sit on a tree covered with fire

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How to Have a Tea Party

CH tea party mega smile

Let’s get this straight:  a tea party is serious business.  Guests have to be prepared and arranged at the table in order of genus, species, size, and importance.  And an ability to sit up on their own without tipping over

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Soccer Kids, Soccer Parents

CH playing soccer

It was inevitable that we sign up Child Harbat for soccer.  She needed to get out of the house and exercise and I like the excuse to go to the park on Saturday morning and make fun of other parents. 

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Some Places Have Memories

Number Two on rocking duck

Have you ever visited a place that just felt off?  It’s a vibe, an embedded memory, or a series of coincidences that taint your view like fingerprints on glasses.  This weekend we went to a local park, a small reservoir

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Anti-Hipster Screed

Number Two moustache1

In twenty years we’ll look back at Hipster fashion and attitude and regard it with the same pity and disgust with which we view the Kountry Kitchen Old West nostalgia of the 1970s, which left us with wagon wheel coffee

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Thoughtful Boy

Personality emerges very early in a child’s life.  As the whipcurl of a new bean sprout will differ from that of a tomato or pumpkin seedling, so too will the temperament of a child be visible.  For his part, Number

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New Beginnings

Apparently your kid’s first day of kindergarten is a big deal.  I say this because other parents at my daughter’s kindergarten talked about how emotional it was, how they got teary when the teacher read The Kissing Hand, and what

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