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Rainbow Unicorn Bakery

CH and Rainbow Unicorn Bakery

Kids are nothing if not ambitious, and Child Harbat doubly so.  This Saturday she tells me she wants to make her own bakery.  “But just like Starbucks, what do they sell there?”  We came up with a list of coffee,

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Skunks, Dancing Dolls, and Floral Beer

Emily dances

I was awoken this morning by something you don’t want to be woken by:  the pungent stench of fresh skunk.  Had it been sleeping on my pillow?  I couldn’t sleep so I wandered into the living room and it was

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Holiday Battle Rage!

N2 shark 3

Who thought it was a good idea to sequester children in a small house, set their constitutions alight with sweets, then have them rip into piles of presents like hyenas going after a water buffalo?  Christmas is madness, a ready-made

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Dain-juh Zone!

Number Two on swing

Do you like to take risks?  Does your idea of “fun” involve throwing your body around with expensive pieces of sports equipment strapped to you?  When you see a ten-story carnival ride called “Death Plummet” made of rusty metal and

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One Down


Child Harbat’s first front tooth is gone, like a door pulled off its hinges.  Is this the face of pain, of embarrassment, of relief of a long-hanging vestige of childhood dropping away in the plodding march to adulthood?  No.  It’s

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Child Labor

Small fingers weaving

There’s a reason kids are used for tasks like this.  Just look at those nimble little fingers!   I was having trouble helping Child Harbat weave using a crochet hook and she found it easier to just use her fingers.

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Nothing is Too Slimey

CH holding snails

I’ve always encouraged Child Harbat to pick up bugs and be not be squeamish or cruel about the smaller creatures of the world.  So I’m pleased that she not only likes to pick up snails but wants them to crawl

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CH kicking

Child Harbat is now officially a Tang Soo Do white belt.  What’s Tang Soo Do?  Click here for a whole lot of information and back story about it but here’s one teaser:  the founder of Tang Soo Do walked from

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Lemongrass Wheat Beer

Lemongrass wheat beer mash

New beer is on the way!  Last weekend I made a batch of wheat ale and decided to go off-recipe and try my own thing.  Yes, this is the part of the story where Uncle F#*k-Up makes an appearance.  But

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A Winter Play

Winter play 2

Let’s start with a confusing image and work towards the inescapable conclusion.   There’s an animatronic dog wrapped in tin foil, cotton balls strewn about, and a dog with angel wings.  Got it yet?  Me neither, let’s keep going.  

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