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Perky Oscar

Our house is a zoo now.  Saturday before last I caught a rat in our laundry room.  The rat battle has been hard fought, as they foil my traps and scamper around in the attic, prancing and showing off.  It

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Unexpected Visitors


Two visits this weekend I wasn’t expecting:  animal and machine.  Let’s start with the four-legged variety first.  I’ll say this wasn’t totally unexpected. I know our chicken yard is enticing to all sorts of semi-wild animals in the neighborhood.  If I

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Chickens are Baffling

Medusa the chicken

I don’t know why chickens do the things they do.  And with their tiny pea-sized brains, I doubt they do either.  For the last few weeks the chickens have been shunning their coop and roosting on top of it, crammed

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Ducky and Claire

Remember my post a while back about barking dogs in our neighborhood?  We have one nearby in particular that barks at everything that passes by in the street, from a roving pack of street thugs to a blowing leaf or

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Plus One Beer, Minus One Chicken

Smoked wheat in glass

Life’s about balance, right?  Yesterday I got to bring the beer I’d brought to life a little over a month ago.  I was so excited to taste it that I forgot to refrigerate it, something I only noticed halfway through.

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Caring for Another

CH holding Ginger

We are social animals–we relate more to chimpanzees as they survive through amity than in the hawk soaring alone.  Necessary to our survival and growth as a species has been our willingness to care for other living creatures.  Short of

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You Can Lead a Chicken to Water…

Chicken watering system

…but you can’t make her drink.  Oh my Lord, chickens are not smart.  These are animals that once survived in the wild, yes?  I know domestication is the opiate of the masses but really how hard is it to provide yourself

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Why Yes, That is a “Huevo”

Five points for the first reader who can place that quote.  Now then, where was I?  Yes, we were talking about chickens some days ago and how we’d yet to see an egg.  This weekend we got one, precious as

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The Great Chicken Adventure

Ducky and Claire

First there was one chicken, Ducky.  She was given to us by a friend who’s chickens were pecking poor Ducky to bits while she molted and recovered from a possum bite.  The life of a chicken isn’t kind, my friends.

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Bedtime Stories My Daughter Hates, Pt. 4

This is the last one, and then it’s lights out! Once upon a time there was a chicken called Mr. Cluckers.  He had very fancy pants.  Mr. Cluckers strutted over to the hens. “Look at MY fancy pants!” he crowed.

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