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Fourpenny House is Coming

Fourpenny prototype logo

Coming soon…   Everyone, I’m opening a restaurant.  Yes, my retirement plan has turned into a mid-life crisis and I will be opening a brewpub in La Mesa.  Over the next weeks you’ll see more information, teasers, and calls for

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Wheels, Manes, and Beers

Ch brushing mane

Let’s get down to brass tacks:  I need to write more.  The blog has been suffering from regular updates and I hope to change that by, drumroll please, lowering standards!  No more need for coherent and well-organized blog posts.  Nope.

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Let’s Talk Beer

Soutowood beer caddy

Before we get into talking and words and all that extra “content” you have to wade through on the internet just to get to cute pictures of cats or AMAZING AB TRICKS, let’s look at a picture.   Nice, huh?

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Adonis Belgian golden strong ale

He’s strong and golden, a god among men, a lover among gods.  The Festival of Adonis was celebrated by women sowing seeds of wheat and barley, so it’s an appropriate name for a beer.  And Adonis was worshiped by girls

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Providing Food and Drink

N2 has a shortbread party

In the earliest days there were creatures around a fire and someone’s job was to keep the food and drink coming.  I trace a hairline in my genetics back to that first server.  Despite all the other advances in my

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Never Give Up

Clear Harvest Ale

Sometimes you give up too early.  I’ve written about beers that didn’t work when I thought they would be great, and others that rose from the ashes to be wonderful.  Last night I went out to the beer fridge int he

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Darkness in a Bottle

Solstice Stout

Ooh, I like the title of this post, it sounds like a noir film.  But really it’s all about very, very dark stout all bottled up.  As I bottled this I had a taste and I think this is going

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There’s Dark Beer and there’s DARK BEER

Chocolate stout fermenting

Holy crap!  I’ve somehow made a black hole in the beer closet!  This isn’t just any dark beer, it’s chocolate cream stout.  Somewhere in that square fermenter is a bag of cocoa nibs, some cocoa-soaked rum, and vanilla extract.  But

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Bigger is Better!

3 gallon mash tun valve

I’ve moved up to 3 gallon brewing instead of 1 gallon.  And oh lawdy was it easy.  How do you do it?  First, go to Home Depot and get a 5-gallon water cooler.  It’s $20, a bargain for what you’re

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Beer Successes, Beer Failures

English Jaggery Ale

When you’re a homebrewer, sometimes the product is greater than the sum of its parts and sometimes it’s a mess you pour down the drain. Three weeks ago I bottle my Harvest Ale, a lovely dark amber spiced ale made

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