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The Life of a Restauranteur

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted here.  If you’ve been following Fourpenny House online, on Facebook, or Instagram you will have seen the big push to get funding complete and begin construction while still doing all the baking, brewing,

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Plaza Fail

Plaza fail 2

[sigh]  You don’t have to be an urban planner, or a designer, or an architect, or have any interest in how built environments improve our lives.  You just have to want to go up stairs and GET somewhere.  Let’s look

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Two Fine Buildings


We were talking about Sonoma last week but let’s move south a few miles to that hilly peninsula between the white-capped Pacific and the chilly shark-infested waters of San Francisco Bay.  Yes, the city with famous bridges and famous cable

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Small Architecture

Sometimes architecture doesn’t have to be big or flashy.  No massive cantilevered canopies, acres of unsupported glass, or soaring ceilings.  No need for an entry plaza to rival the Vatican, or a grand boulevard that belongs in Paris.  Unnecessary are

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Architecture for Children

I haven’t talked about my work here before because…well, I’m not sure why except it as nice to have that clean break.  Life is not full of clean breaks, however, and things that are important in my work life are

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Handmade Return

Aaaaand we’re back.  A lovely hiatus up in Lake Tahoe where many lovely things happened in a lovely way, but let’s get to the handmade stuff.  Today we’ll look at Vikingsholm, a magnificent work of craftsmanship poised at the head

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