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Right.  Forty-one years on Earth, who knows how many more in the cosmos.  In that time I’ve become, counter to popular saying, less set in my ways.  Age isn’t a burden, I’ve found, it’s a release.  No more confusion about

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Roxaboxin and the Rise of the Glutards

Paleo "bread"

Let’s start with Roxaboxin.  Child Harbat is at the perfect age to write fiction.  She hears and absorbs enough real-world information to have the good basis for a story but then mixes in her own thoughts and interpretations, sprinkles with

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Sometimes We Just Need Ice Cream

N2 ice cream 1

Sometimes you’re beat down enough that you begin to forget yourself.  It’s the long apogee on the backside of the moon, the lessening curve of a parabolic swing from joy to sorrow, the moment when the sun has finally set

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Unstructured Time

N2 playing with a dump truck

What was my favorite part about last weekend?  It was the unstructured time I spent in the garden with Number Two as he found Items of Interest and explored.  Once you get in the habit of “things to be done”

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Happy New Year!

Here’s my resolution, straight up and unfiltered:  more better writing.  I mean more in the quantity way, better in the quality way, and more better in the mo’ bettah way.  First, this means an increase in frequency since, after all,

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Spinning Into Oblivion

galactic rainbow

Getting older is riding the gyre of a whirlpool.  In your youth, at the far edges, motion and time are almost imperceptible.  In your 20s the far edge is distant and there’s still sun over the horizon.  Then as you

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Holy Smokes I Wrote a Book!


Ha ha, if you didn’t already feel the cloying desperation of self-promotion from the intro page or the writing page  then perhaps another splash of the book cover will catch you:   I put this in because I just heard, through the

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Young and Stupid


Really, the whole thing could’ve ended much worse.  An old truck, abused through decades of off-road adventures.  A young, stupid, and inexperienced driver setting off across a continent that has killed many seasoned and gritty pioneers.  That it ended it

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Free Fiction Day!

pen and nib

Oh what the heck, I’m feeling generous.  I’ve got a few hundred thousand words of writing bouncing around that might never see the greater world of publishing so I’m going to release a little bit of a recent manuscript.  This

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Wonderful Grey

pen and nib

Sometimes some grey skies are good.  Finally we have a full day of cloud cover here in San Diego.  While it’s not really fall it does help put me in a pensive mood.  I’m writing up the outline for another

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