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Right.  Forty-one years on Earth, who knows how many more in the cosmos.  In that time I’ve become, counter to popular saying, less set in my ways.  Age isn’t a burden, I’ve found, it’s a release.  No more confusion about

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The Patient Dog

CH with Oscar

Oscar is a rescue dog who is now part of our family.  He loves kids so much he will be patient for anything, even if he has to be wrapped in a blanket like a burrito and stuffed in a

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The Life of a Restauranteur

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted here.  If you’ve been following Fourpenny House online, on Facebook, or Instagram you will have seen the big push to get funding complete and begin construction while still doing all the baking, brewing,

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The Era of the Career is Over

Folks, we are in a new world, a new economy, that doesn’t have room for sentiment or loyalty.  Fifty years ago you could start a job at a company as a pimple-faced teen and shuffle out the door as a

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Perky Oscar

Our house is a zoo now.  Saturday before last I caught a rat in our laundry room.  The rat battle has been hard fought, as they foil my traps and scamper around in the attic, prancing and showing off.  It

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Fireplace and hearth

Is yelling fire on the internet the same as it is in a crowded theater?  Because this is an excited cry of ‘fire’, not a panicked one.  I’ve been making lots of fires in the fireplace this winter, even when

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I had a dream last night, clear as life and fully remembered.  I was creating a new modern art piece for a museum, and it was focused on the snippets of conversation that float through public spaces.  Here’s how it

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Last of Us – Joel Cosplay

Joel backpack and mask

For those thinking of dressing up as a character from the Last of Us, I highly recommend it!  Dressing like a gritty survivor puts you in the mind that you’re at the periphery of civilization.  You look at the areas

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San Diego ComicCon 2015

ComicCon Ellie and Joel fight off a clicker

Let’s plunge into the world of imagination.  Everything in ComicCon comes from people sitting and dreaming about what could be:  spaceships, talking kittens, killer robots, zombies, ten-story gorillas, warlocks, battle pigs, fairies.  Entering this world as Ellie and Joel, my

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The Last of Us Cosplay

Joel and Ellie cosplay 5

The day arrived this Saturday, one year after I decided that CH and I would dress up as Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us, a phenomenal and heart-rending game from Naughty Dog.  San Diego ComicCon!  Saturday morning we

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