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Owning an Electric Car

E-Golf front

Last fall I bought a car that runs on the thunderbolts of Zeus.  The fiery plasma at the core of a star is (roughly) the same thing that gets me to Starbucks and lets me stream Pandora while I wait

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The “Joy” of Plumbing

Me and Number Two fixing plumbing

Sorry, it’s been a while since I rapped at ya.  Ten internet points for anyone who can name that reference. Let’s talk about the giddy thrill of home plumbing projects!  I’m going to spoil the fun right now by saying

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Mister Bloat

Mr. Bloat

It’s astonishing what gets built without someone at some point saying, “Nope, shut it down.  This is terrifying.”  At a inflatable “theme park” here in San Diego, there’s one that caught my eye.  But first, when I say “theme park”

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I’m Joel, She’s Ellie

Ellie and Joel shirts progress

I’ve never been a big one for costumes.  On Halloween I usually roll out the Indiana Jones getup because A)it takes about five minutes, and B)it’s fun to be Indiana Jones.  Last fall, I decided on costumes more than a

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Toys ‘R Creepy

Gender bending family toys

I guess I haven’t been to a toy store in a while.  What happened?  Most toys now talk to you, interact, chirp, whistle, and generally surprise you when they are buried under a pile of clothes and start writhing and

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Using Texture in Design

Textured wood

“No, don’t touch that!”  “Please, no touching.”  “You break it, you buy it.” We (me included) tell our kids not to touch it because they’ll break it.  Touching art is a no-no.  We aren’t encouraged to touch yet it’s how

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Creepy Dolls

Creepy doll 4

Who is ready for some scary dolls?  Had bad dreams as a kid? No?  Well, you will after you see these “beauties”.  Found in Old Town Sacramento these dolls are either part of a historic display or are motionless during

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Bad Food and Horrible Footwear

N2 looking out of train

Let’s start with a food review!  It’s the whee-ha world of Trader Joe’s frozen “meals”.  Up for review is the Butter Chicken which is stamped with the watermark “Authentic Indian Recipe”.  Yes, it’s technically true since the original probably also

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Roxaboxin and the Rise of the Glutards

Paleo "bread"

Let’s start with Roxaboxin.  Child Harbat is at the perfect age to write fiction.  She hears and absorbs enough real-world information to have the good basis for a story but then mixes in her own thoughts and interpretations, sprinkles with

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