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Fourpenny House is Coming

Fourpenny prototype logo

Coming soon…   Everyone, I’m opening a restaurant.  Yes, my retirement plan has turned into a mid-life crisis and I will be opening a brewpub in La Mesa.  Over the next weeks you’ll see more information, teasers, and calls for

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Last of Us Cosplay – Ellie outfit

Ellie outfit

The final chapter in making a Joel and Ellie costume pair for ComicCon 2015:  Ellie.  Unfortunately my daughter wasn’t around to show off the clothes personally but you can see how it all came together.  I recommend cleaning out your

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San Diego ComicCon 2015

ComicCon Ellie and Joel fight off a clicker

Let’s plunge into the world of imagination.  Everything in ComicCon comes from people sitting and dreaming about what could be:  spaceships, talking kittens, killer robots, zombies, ten-story gorillas, warlocks, battle pigs, fairies.  Entering this world as Ellie and Joel, my

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Birth, Life, Death, and a Curtsey

CH with dead finch box

Sometimes you get to see an entire life cycle, to feel as old as a mountain as forests rise and fall at your toes.  At our house this meant watching a pair of red house finches build a nest under

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Oh Gee, Where’ve I been?

Sonoma G

G is for go go go.  Sometimes you have to step away from your surroundings to know where you are.  How can we stretch out this metaphor?  Climb a tree to see the forest?  Take off your glasses to see?

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What Not to Do At a Railroad Crossing

Car train crash

Here’s a little tidbit about car and train safety:  don’t drive onto tracks if you aren’t prepared to get off them when the time (i.e. a giant train) comes along.  No, this isn’t a first-person cautionary tale about Uncle F@*k-Up,

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A Winter Play

Winter play 2

Let’s start with a confusing image and work towards the inescapable conclusion.   There’s an animatronic dog wrapped in tin foil, cotton balls strewn about, and a dog with angel wings.  Got it yet?  Me neither, let’s keep going.  

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Little Girls and Tea Parties

CH tea party 1

Where does it come from, the compelling urge for young girls to act as Victorian social hosts?  Child Harbat hasn’t seen Downtown Abbey yet she adores a china tea set she got for Christmas and has hosted several soirees at

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Number Two is Two

Number Two is two

My son is two years old or, in the jaw-clenching vernacular of uber-parents, he’s twenty-four months old.  Before having kids I vowed only to count a child’s age in months until they were old enough to count it in years. 

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Ape Orphan Annie

Ape Orphan Annie

What’s the best Halloween costume?  One that comes together at the last minute.  This year I put on a djellabah and skullcap I bought in Egypt and called myself a pilgrim, a hajji.  Total costume planning and dressing time:  90

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