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Fireplace and hearth

Is yelling fire on the internet the same as it is in a crowded theater?  Because this is an excited cry of ‘fire’, not a panicked one.  I’ve been making lots of fires in the fireplace this winter, even when

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The White Fluffy Stuff

Snowy backyard in Truckee

No, I’m not talking about clouds or coconut-flavored cotton candy, I’m talkin’ ’bout snow.  While we might get some snow in the San Diego mountains, to get the good stuff you’ve got to head north.  Through the glass and aluminum robot

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The “Joy” of Plumbing

Me and Number Two fixing plumbing

Sorry, it’s been a while since I rapped at ya.  Ten internet points for anyone who can name that reference. Let’s talk about the giddy thrill of home plumbing projects!  I’m going to spoil the fun right now by saying

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On Foot

N2 exploring trail

I can only understand a place by walking it.  When traveling I’ve got to get out of the car and strike out across open land, feel the ground under my feet and see what plants brush my legs, hear the

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Scotland – Child Harbat and Her Animals

Scotland - CH and white ponies

This girl loves her animals.  All throughout Scotland she found creatures, wild and domesticated, that she wanted to befriend.  No fear of slugs or caterpillars has she, but an unreasonable one of bees and a reasonable one of horses and

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Wild Harris, Distant Lewis

Scotland - Callanish 2

Of all the places I visited in Scotland, the Outer Hebridean islands of Harris and Lewis may have been my favorite.  Adrift in the North Atlantic, these two isles are wild and remote like nothing you’ve experienced.  Mountains and boulders

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Scotland – Details

Scotland - bumblebee and purple flower

Grand vistas can introduce you to a place but details tell the story.  The more I travel the more I take pictures of small things, textures, colors, the things that make up a place.  Here then, a few of my

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Scotland – The First of Many

CH in Skye 1

For the past two weeks I’ve been in Scotland with my mother and daughter, a three-generation journey to reconnect with our roots and each other.  Instead of a chronological travelogue I’d like to offer up snippits, collections of photos and

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I had a dream last night, clear as life and fully remembered.  I was creating a new modern art piece for a museum, and it was focused on the snippets of conversation that float through public spaces.  Here’s how it

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What Goes In Must Come Out

Broken fork

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?  There was a French man who ate an entire airplane over two years.  Number Two chose a faster and more modest diet:  plastic fork.  At school, hankering for his mac and cheese to be

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