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Last of Us Cosplay – Ellie outfit

Ellie outfit

The final chapter in making a Joel and Ellie costume pair for ComicCon 2015:  Ellie.  Unfortunately my daughter wasn’t around to show off the clothes personally but you can see how it all came together.  I recommend cleaning out your

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Last of Us – Joel Cosplay

Joel backpack and mask

For those thinking of dressing up as a character from the Last of Us, I highly recommend it!  Dressing like a gritty survivor puts you in the mind that you’re at the periphery of civilization.  You look at the areas

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San Diego ComicCon 2015

ComicCon Ellie and Joel fight off a clicker

Let’s plunge into the world of imagination.  Everything in ComicCon comes from people sitting and dreaming about what could be:  spaceships, talking kittens, killer robots, zombies, ten-story gorillas, warlocks, battle pigs, fairies.  Entering this world as Ellie and Joel, my

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The Last of Us Cosplay

Joel and Ellie cosplay 5

The day arrived this Saturday, one year after I decided that CH and I would dress up as Ellie and Joel from The Last of Us, a phenomenal and heart-rending game from Naughty Dog.  San Diego ComicCon!  Saturday morning we

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Squeak Squeak!

Mice in a Havahart trap

Sunday night I’m doing the dishes, soapy water dripping from my fingers, and I hear a surprised little squeak and the rattle of sheet metal.  Coming from the oven.  “No, couldn’t be,” I think.  But I check the oven anyway,

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