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Rainbow Unicorn Bakery

CH and Rainbow Unicorn Bakery

Kids are nothing if not ambitious, and Child Harbat doubly so.  This Saturday she tells me she wants to make her own bakery.  “But just like Starbucks, what do they sell there?”  We came up with a list of coffee,

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Let’s Talk Beer

Soutowood beer caddy

Before we get into talking and words and all that extra “content” you have to wade through on the internet just to get to cute pictures of cats or AMAZING AB TRICKS, let’s look at a picture.   Nice, huh?

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Doctor Boy

Dr Two

I’m trying to get dressed this morning and a small doctor came into my room and said he needed to check me.  He lifted my shirt, pressed a stethoscope onto my belly button, listened for a moment, and then proclaimed

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The Smell of Paper

CH and N2 reading at library

Library books smell different than the sterile drawing and printing paper we’re used to holding.  Library paper is yellowed, soft like thin leather, the corners folded and creased, the letters becoming translucent from the absorption of eyes, the transmutation of

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Mister Bloat

Mr. Bloat

It’s astonishing what gets built without someone at some point saying, “Nope, shut it down.  This is terrifying.”  At a inflatable “theme park” here in San Diego, there’s one that caught my eye.  But first, when I say “theme park”

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