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Joel and Ellie Cosplay Update

Joel's pipe

The costumes are coming along and I’m stepping closer to a life as an itinerant zombie-basher.  Well..actually clickers and runners and bloaters.  If you’re facing down a building full of Infected be sure you have one of these, perfect for

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I’m Joel, She’s Ellie

Ellie and Joel shirts progress

I’ve never been a big one for costumes.  On Halloween I usually roll out the Indiana Jones getup because A)it takes about five minutes, and B)it’s fun to be Indiana Jones.  Last fall, I decided on costumes more than a

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What Happens When…

Girls picking flowers

What happens when you go for a walk with two little girls?  Suppose you pass someone’s well-planted garden, spilling over with flowers and blossoms?  You get to play human vase while the girls chatter and pick more.  And honestly, would

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Our Flag

Flags - old and new

I’ve heard that Americans like to fly their flag more than others around the world.  Maybe because we’re a relatively new country?  I think South Sudan has us beat on that.  Is it the sight of white stars on a

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