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Toys ‘R Creepy

Gender bending family toys

I guess I haven’t been to a toy store in a while.  What happened?  Most toys now talk to you, interact, chirp, whistle, and generally surprise you when they are buried under a pile of clothes and start writhing and

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The Doctor is In

CH doctoring 2

Sometimes there’s a break from the chasing and yelling and fighting over who gets the orange plate.  On delightful occasions  CH gets into Big Sister mode which includes extreme patience and a spine-chilling mimicry of the things my wife and

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A Moment of Peace


Let’s step away from the barking news cycle for a moment.  Away from the images of horrific people doing horrific things in the name of something whose name shouldn’t be so dirtied.  Islam has gotten a bad rap in the

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I’m Waiting…


We all have to wait.  There’s a spectrum of patience, from Indian bureaucracy at the top to Manhattan driver at the bottom.  I can be patient when I know it’s truly out of my hands, and horribly impatient when it’s

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Climate Change is Here!

Golden Gate

Everyone can break out the shorts and t-shirts:  climate change has arrived.  “Ha ha,” snort the East Coasters who are still entombed in gray snow.  But it’s true, the “norm” of weather doesn’t exist any more.  If change is the

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It’s All What You’re Used To

Kids walking in puddles

Something about the structure and grammar of today’s post title bothers me.  How about, “It is All About That To Which You are Used?”  No.  “All to Which You are Used is It?”  That’s even worse and I can’t figure

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Unexpected Visitors


Two visits this weekend I wasn’t expecting:  animal and machine.  Let’s start with the four-legged variety first.  I’ll say this wasn’t totally unexpected. I know our chicken yard is enticing to all sorts of semi-wild animals in the neighborhood.  If I

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