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Skunks, Dancing Dolls, and Floral Beer

Emily dances

I was awoken this morning by something you don’t want to be woken by:  the pungent stench of fresh skunk.  Had it been sleeping on my pillow?  I couldn’t sleep so I wandered into the living room and it was

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It is Freezing!

Number Two in warm weather clothes

Cold weather is gripping the nation, especially my hometown in Washington, DC where’s it’s a temperature that doesn’t sound like a temperature:  eight.  Up in the higher latitudes it’s approaching temperatures found in outer space beyond poor Pluto.  It’s thirty

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Using Texture in Design

Textured wood

“No, don’t touch that!”  “Please, no touching.”  “You break it, you buy it.” We (me included) tell our kids not to touch it because they’ll break it.  Touching art is a no-no.  We aren’t encouraged to touch yet it’s how

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Plaza Fail

Plaza fail 2

[sigh]  You don’t have to be an urban planner, or a designer, or an architect, or have any interest in how built environments improve our lives.  You just have to want to go up stairs and GET somewhere.  Let’s look

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Parent/Normal Person: The Dividing Line

N2 fountain 4

Parents aren’t normal people.  Normal people can enjoy simple things.  Parents worry and ruin EVERYTHING.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s go for a walk with Number Two, a calm three year-old boy.  Well…calm for three.  Oh look, a fountain in a

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Adonis Belgian golden strong ale

He’s strong and golden, a god among men, a lover among gods.  The Festival of Adonis was celebrated by women sowing seeds of wheat and barley, so it’s an appropriate name for a beer.  And Adonis was worshiped by girls

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