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Providing Food and Drink

N2 has a shortbread party

In the earliest days there were creatures around a fire and someone’s job was to keep the food and drink coming.  I trace a hairline in my genetics back to that first server.  Despite all the other advances in my

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Creepy Dolls

Creepy doll 4

Who is ready for some scary dolls?  Had bad dreams as a kid? No?  Well, you will after you see these “beauties”.  Found in Old Town Sacramento these dolls are either part of a historic display or are motionless during

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Portraits and Pints

Last of Marlborough IPA

CH did her first portrait of me, one that required posing and time and deliberate work.  This was her first drawing that wasn’t a stylized representation (eyes, mouth, hair) but a recreation of what she saw when she looked at

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Card Hospital

Card hospital 1

Is it a real hospital made of cards?  Is it the hospital of a town called Card?  No.  It is a hospital for sick and injured playing cards.  I’ve said it before, there is not limit to the creativity of

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Sometimes They Are Good

Happy kids on the moto-horse

Here’s how parenting goes:  there’s always a fire somewhere.  Either it’s coals under tinder, ready to explode, or you’re throwing handfuls of water on a Viking pyre.  Either way you feel you can never completely relax.  And here’s the other

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