There’s Dark Beer and there’s DARK BEER

Holy crap!  I’ve somehow made a black hole in the beer closet!  This isn’t just any dark beer, it’s chocolate cream stout.  Somewhere in that square fermenter is a bag of cocoa nibs, some cocoa-soaked rum, and vanilla extract.  But you’d never know because this beer is opaque.  You can’t even see one centimeter into it.  It soaks up light, making the beer closet darker and more mysterious.

Chocolate stout fermenting


No, I’m just being silly.  It’s not actually that dark.  Let’s look closer.

Chocolate stout fermenting close


Impossibru!  This stout will not be photographed.  Nietzsche had it right:  “And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.”  Instead, drink up!

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2 comments on “There’s Dark Beer and there’s DARK BEER
  1. Mondo Dismo says:

    Suggested name: IMPOSSIBREW

  2. Po says:

    Mr. Mondo Dismo, huh. Get a load of this character…

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