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Never Give Up

Clear Harvest Ale

Sometimes you give up too early.  I’ve written about beers that didn’t work when I thought they would be great, and others that rose from the ashes to be wonderful.  Last night I went out to the beer fridge int he

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Holiday Battle Rage!

N2 shark 3

Who thought it was a good idea to sequester children in a small house, set their constitutions alight with sweets, then have them rip into piles of presents like hyenas going after a water buffalo?  Christmas is madness, a ready-made

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Making Christmas

Christmas bread rising

One of my greatest joys in life is working in the kitchen.  I think it takes a man to say that, unafraid of the social mores of ignoring football on Sunday.  I don’t give a rat’s ass what the San

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Dain-juh Zone!

Number Two on swing

Do you like to take risks?  Does your idea of “fun” involve throwing your body around with expensive pieces of sports equipment strapped to you?  When you see a ten-story carnival ride called “Death Plummet” made of rusty metal and

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Down in Front!

Xmas pageant 2

Ahh, Christmas.  The season of togetherness, giving, warm feelings and…hey, sit down in front.  Sit down.  Sit down!  SIT DOWN! Every year at our preschool we go to see our kids in the Christmas pageant.  It has become tradition, as

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Darkness in a Bottle

Solstice Stout

Ooh, I like the title of this post, it sounds like a noir film.  But really it’s all about very, very dark stout all bottled up.  As I bottled this I had a taste and I think this is going

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Border Crossings, Beers, and Giant Meat Cylinders

Toastada and radish

Boy are things changing in Mexico!  Here in San Diego the craft food and beer scene is heating up and stimulating the foodie culture south of the border in Tijuana.  Craft breweries are popping up, stylish high-quality eateries, and places

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There’s Dark Beer and there’s DARK BEER

Chocolate stout fermenting

Holy crap!  I’ve somehow made a black hole in the beer closet!  This isn’t just any dark beer, it’s chocolate cream stout.  Somewhere in that square fermenter is a bag of cocoa nibs, some cocoa-soaked rum, and vanilla extract.  But

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Kids hiking in oak grove

The longest distance between two points is the path taken by children.  This is how boring I am as a parent:  I don’t want to fall in the mud.  I don’t want to sit on a tree covered with fire

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